Mother and Baby

The powerful disinfectant in STERALL’s products, hypochlorous acid, does not cause irritation to skin, eyes or lungs, unlike other chemical disinfectants. A study by states that even if it were ingested it causes no harm. Due to its safe nature, STERALL is the ideal sanitiser for hands, direct food sanitisation, food contact surfaces, room disinfection and any high-risk areas. As STERALL is made from natural elements, comprising of H2O, NaCl and electricity, once deactivated it turns back into saline.

STERALL is so safe to use, that our active ingredient (HOCL) is used to treat medical conditions in the form of being added to numerous medications. As a result, STERALL is so safe no personal protective equipment (PPE) is required when fogging or spraying rooms or vehicles. Sterall is ideal for sensitive skin as well as babies and children.