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Hypochlorous acid has been used for over a century in the medical field and was even used to irrigate and disinfect wounds before antibiotics were available in World War I. It has long been recognized for two important healing characteristics: It has the ability to help wounds heal faster and to do it painlessly. STERALL is a highly effective disinfecting fog and spraying solution as our product contains 250ppm (parts per million) of HOCL when sprayed, which is powerful enough to disinfect all surfaces yet gentle enough that it is non-toxic, safe on most fabrics and pet safe.

The South African Government and The World Health Organisation (WHO) further approves and recommends the use of Hypochlorite’s as a disinfectant for uses in know Covid-19 infection sites. HOCL is the active ingredient in Sterall and is 99,9% effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi, making it an ideal alternative to alcohol-based products.