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STERALL provides an alcohol-free spaying and misting multipurpose disinfectant. Its active ingredient HOCL complies with international standards used in pharmaceutical and health care industries. Our products are 100% safe for humans, non-toxic, eco-friendly and all-natural, with our active ingredient being both SABS and FDA approved and endorsed by the WHO for water purification and sanitizing.

The South African Government has furthermore recommended the use of hypochlorite’s to disinfect contaminated COVID 19 areas. Hypochlorous acid is the best in this class at destroying pathogens- the active ingredient in all STERALL products. According to the American Society for Microbiology, STERALLs’ active ingredient is 99,9% effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi yet gentle on the skin and naturally biodegradable to a saline solution therefore not leaving any toxic residue behind.