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STERALL active ingredient is hypochlorous acid, also known as HOCL & Anolyte, which occurs naturally in our bodies, produced by white blood cells, which kill pathogens by tearing down their cell membranes and protein envelopes. Hypochlorous acid is a disinfectant that is lethal to a multitude of pathogens that are harmful to humans including MRSA, E. coli, Meningitis, Encephalitis, Salmonella, HIV and Epstein Barr, to name a few. Furthermore, HOCL has been proven to destroy even highly resistant viruses, bacteria and spores. In a study by J Williams, even a weak solution of HOCL is irreversibly lethal to most pathogens, but tolerable to bodily cells.

STERALL’s Hypochlorous acid solution is a, close to pH neutral, acid with the same acidity of that of a mild citrus juice. Today, technology has improved the shelf life of hypochlorous acid allowing STERALL a shelf life of up to a year and a much more stable form of HOCL in comparison to HOCL in its pure form which can only last a few hours, according to M. Recalde FAAO. The reason why it is so destructive to pathogens is because it has a very high Redox Potential. This means that it has a strong ability to tear electrons from the atoms of other substances. This removal of electrons changes both substances, the HOCL (receiving the electrons) is neutralized and the other substance i.e. pathogens (losing the electrons) is changed enough that it is usually destroyed. In pathogens, HOCL oxidizes the cell walls of the virus or bacteria it comes in contact with. It then reacts with it and destroys it by breaking down and causing necrosis (rupturing of the cell) or apoptosis (programmed cell death). Anything left of the cell contents are then destroyed by the remaining HOCL. A scientific publication by Innogiene, suggest that a virus is not technically a living organism as it requires a host cell to infect, however it is still contains electrons and atoms and is deactivated by HOCL. Unlike alcohol-based hand sanitisers, which can cause skin irritation and have been proven to cause skin contact dermatitis with repeated use, STERALL makes use of available free chlorine from HOCL through electrolysis of natural elements, simply put this is done by passing a specific electrical current through a saline solution.

Sterall is highly effective against viruses and pathogens yet safe enough for use on food and children.